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We provide services Event Organizer includes internal and external activities, such as launching products and brands of the company, or other promotional activities or events. We will set the stage, tatasuara, lighting, artist / talent supporter and supported the use of animation stage futuristik. We also experienced for organizing the expo, fairs or exhibitions where we will set up a booth, licensing and coordination with other external parties.

In accordance with the challenges of today’s business world where business activity, should be more effective and efficient, requires businesses to be more cautious in setting the pace and strategy. No exception in the organization of an event / events that are not directly supporting the measures the company’s business in the form of external activities for the promotion / sales, improving brand image of the company or the internal activities such as team building aimed at improving the quality of existing resources into a synergies positive impact on the company’s progress.

We will develop the concept of activity, create a timeline so that the operational time activities can be run well, besides that we provide a very flexible cost perspective which can be adapted to the availability of the existing budget, but while maintaining the quality of activities.