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The success of an event affecting the progress of the company’s many things like get the leads, increase sales and so on to the present Dinamika Media Promosindo Event Organizer offers services to the company until the case details. Our team will be detailing any event your company needs to fit the character of your company have.

In accordance with the challenges of today’s business world. Business activities must be more effective and efficient. Competitors are more and more high-cost components, requires businesses to be more cautious in setting the pace and strategy.

When your company carry out promotional activities or the company’s internal activities as a measure to improve the quality of production, the quality of human resources or increase sales. Presence Event Organizer (EO) could be one solution.

For that Dinamika Media Promosindo present as the event organizer. Committed and concentrated to assist your company in achieving the desired goals. When you entrust this event to us, you can focus on the company’s business daily. We will help you organize, designing, preparing and implementing your corporate event.

For Dinamika Media Promosindo, the interest you are our focus. Dinamika Media Promosindo Event Organizer helps your company implement various activities such as:


> Gathering
> Program incentive companies
> Meeting and seminars
> The product launch / Grand Launching
> Soft opening and grand opening
> Birthdays Company
> Sport events
> Outbound, Fun games and Team Building convention
> Roadshow
> Entertainment
> Exhibition
> Pre Wedding / wedding
> Promotion