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logo dmpDinamika Media Promosindo (DMP) was established at the beginning of July 2009. Starting from a collection of young professionals who have been active on various Services Event Organizer Jakarta and in Indonesia, so we agreed to form a new team more solid to be able to create something more creative and acceptable community.

We currently have 3 Division unit that specifically address the needs of the customer, namely Marketing who served as Account Manager where our team will analyze and prepare a solution for the implementation of end to end.

Other divisions of Graphic Design & Multimedia where our team is experienced in the use of the latest tools and software to help prepare the needs in the areas of graphics, animation and advertising. The third division is the Production, which will help you in implementing the maximum according to the agreement and the existing needs.

Our motto is “A Creative Solutions for you”, means that we will provide a solution for any type of activities you both internally and externally with creative and best quality.

In accordance with the challenges of today’s business world where business activity, should be more effective and efficient, requires businesses to be more cautious in setting the pace and strategy. No exception in the organization of an event / events that are not directly supporting the measures the company’s business in the form of external activities for the promotion / sales, improving brand image of the company or the internal activities such as team building aimed at improving the quality of existing resources into a synergies positive impact on the company’s progress.

We will develop the concept of activity, create a timeline so that the operational time activities can be run well, besides that we provide a very flexible cost perspective which can be adapted to the availability of the existing budget, but while maintaining the quality of activities.

Dynamics of Media Promosindo, experienced in dealing with the following activities:

  1.     Event Organizer
  2.     Graphic design and template design company
  3.     Multimedia and Animation with the latest technology
  4.     advertising
  5.     Company Event (Launching Product, seminars, workshops etc.)
  6.     Expo and Bazaar (including the provision of booths)
  7.     Team Building / Outbound
  8.     Talent & Artist Management
  9.     Photography and Videography both for companies and individuals (Pre Wedding & Wedding)
  10.     Other Entertainment Events.

Whatever form your company’s activities, starting with only involve a few people up to thousands of people, our teams are trained and experienced to be ready to help you.

Some picture of our capabilities are as follows:

  •     Services Event Organizer

We provide services Event Organizer includes internal and external activities, such as launching products and brands of the company, or other promotional activities or events. We will set the stage, tatasuara, lighting, artist / talent supporter and supported the use of animated futuristic stage.

In addition to preparing the event, we also experienced for organizing the expo, fairs or exhibitions where we will set up a booth, licensing and coordination with other external parties.

  •     Graphic Design Services

Media promotion companies generally require a strategy that continues to be the best, the one that we have prepared is a manufacture company profile, logo, brochure, advertising, banners, pamphlets, flyers, name cards, agendas, booklets, magazines and other documents so that the image of the brand company you become more qualified and have earned icon in the general population. We also prepared a concept of advertising in the electronic media and print media.

  •     Multimedia and Animation Services

In an event today, demanded the use of modern technology in order to become more grandiose events, artistic and futuristic, in halini we have a special experience for the use of 3D animation, Animation Mapping, Data tone as well as other animation that we often use in a show.

  •     Talent Management Services

Generally, the use of the artist / talent costly in an event, but we have a link / connection is quite a lot so that we can provide competitive prices for the services of the artist / the talent.

  •     Photography and Videography Services

Some of our team is a contributor photographer for the print media and electronic media, ranging from the manufacture of commercial advertising for the company even photo session would be handled with an interesting concept. Nowadays even our own deal-making and Wedding Pre Wedding photo for individuals with a very competitive price.


logo dmpDinamika Media Promosindo

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